How did you do this production? about Acidrocknroll stories 2003

This is along story. It took me 9 month of pregnancy and breastfeeding…
I really got into the production, after Road of Peace, when I found out about of my pregnancy. This was Oktober 2002 and I was staying for some gigs in Toronto. I had the feeling, these months are the last ones I will have for myself in my life, so its time to do, what I really need to do.At that time I had no room in Frankfurt, so I decided to stay in Napoli for November and Dezember to work with Mescla and Scott, the fireartist, and to start producing... I had already collected some samples on my travels: girls on the beach in Anjuna/Goa selling jewellery, jams on Crossing Bridges Studio, old albanian spiritual music, jams with the band mescla in napoli: a mix of electronic grooves and some arabian tunes we had heard in Kosova and another improvisation with violine&e-guita,another jam with Suhana from Toronto.

In November I started to cut the samples which I had collected in Kosova: singing,flutes, giftelia, drums…. I worked on the arrangements of Kosovatrans and Women of Goa early in the morning, because then Scotts notebook was free. Kosovatrans originally was a track for a fireshow with Scott. We went with Ryan Air to Frankfurt to check it out on a party in Spaceplace and we also played it on the street in Napoli. I also was playing three times in Sanacura, a club downtown in napoli, because I needed money for petrol for the drive back. I came back to germany in December, to play some gigs to pay my open debts and bills, and started to set up my computer in my parents house near Regensburg. I started to listen thru the jams with Mescla. In January I took a flight to Kosova to have a meeting with the Papa of my baby.It was quite a desaster…. But somehow I stayed two months, and I recorded some nice sounds in prishtina, which I used for “Kosovatrans acoustic”, also we participated with Urban FM in a party in Belgrad.I went to Sophia to play with Pawel and Aura from Samodelia and we did on some remixes of the Crossingbridges Studiojamsessions.

I came back to bavaria middle of March and continued producing till end of April. I had a nice place for producing: in my parents house a big room upstairs, where I used to play guitar as teenager. I was sitting in the middle of old furniture and pictures of my grandmothers and ancestors, nice view over the garden into the valley and I could listen to the creek and the birds. I got up early in the morning to work on the music and had good inspiration. First I produced Tiffany , Sisters` organisation, then Menschen, die Lachen and Das Feuer and one track called U9 with birds from prishtina. The guitar-files of Kosovatrans were lost, so I had to record them again.
I also found the tape of my grandmother again with an old woman talking about my horoskop in 74 and I decided to make a song out of it .It was meant as a comfort to my mother who suffered her second heavy depressions at that time.

In May I found a room in Geralds flat in Frankfurt and I packed my music equippment and moved back there. Birth should happen in June and I wanted to I have friends and other kids around in case I needed support.Also I wanted to give birth in a birthhouse.
At that time all the tracks were arranged ,but some of them still in kind of raw state. In May and June I went over most of them, so Sisterorganisation got a new arrangement…
I decided to do the final mixes together with Steve Dragon in Darmstadt. I don’t have much experience with mixing,so I wanted to do it with somebody who is experienced and really motivated to do it, to invest some time into it, to teach me some things, and not so far away from Frankfurt. In the beginning Steve had lots of complaints about my loops, because they were not cut properly and I had to improve my arrangements at home by finding and cutting away all the clicks and plops .

18th of may something terrible happened: my mother commited suicide. I needed to go back to bavaria to bury her.The next three weeks I just stayed with a very dark industrial piece of music to get along with it. It was the first time that I used my voice in music, by speaking a poem of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, a text which I had read in the funeral. It never got finished and somehow it was to dark to put it on the album, maybe it was good more for therapy or to release it as an extra project.
Two weeks after my mother died, Seyo had an accident with spitting fire. They put him in artifical coma for 6 weeks . During that time I recorded his two years old daughter Zoe to let him listen her voice in the hospital. One week before Nepomuk s birth, he was so bad state of health, that his best friends were allowed to see him, to say goodbye. When I came home from hospital, I found out that Zoes samples fit quite good with the birds´ track U9. I called it Hallo Seyo…It was crying a lot, but also I had the feeling I couldn’t allow myself to get depressed because I had to give birth to a baby….
I produced till the evening of 15th of June then I packed a box fullof stuff for the hospital, and I went out to go dancing at an open air party in giesen..In the morning I got contractions, the birth had started. The birth was quite hardcore and took two days. One sunday on the party which was great, another long night and day in the city. Because of complications nepomuk was born in a hospital and we had to stay for one week there.

When I came home out of hospital the first mix of kosovatrans was waiting with my post. It wasn’t still perfekt just a first idea of Steve and I figured out that I cant let him do it alone , I need to be there too, to find out together abouthow it should sound. 4 weeks later I took my son Nepomuk and went back to the studio in Darmstadt. I couldn’t sit or walk longtime yet,but doing music was a good way to forget about the pain.We mixed sisterorganisation and Tiffany to have a soundtrack to bring to the papa and our friends in prishtina.
I left germany 10th of August to go playing on a festival in Sibenik/Croatia. I came there with the oldest and the youngest festival visitor: with my father who came as my driver and my son Nepomuk, my muse. Orest had got no visa for germany, but last minute he got one for croatia . He borrowed the car of his father in Prishtina and came with some friends. The night Orest finally met his son Nepomuk first time, some croatian faschists destroyed all the windows of his car with a big rock and throw away the numberplates . It was registrated in Montenegro to be able to cross the borders. Luckiliy we found one numberplate in the bushes and also there was a money collection on the festival so they could buy some windows again.We did some holidays in Croatia and then went back to Prishtina all together…

I stayed till Oktober in the house of family and in the violet house of the Crossing Bridges Collective. I helped Orest with getting a visa to germany. Casey and Neta got married and for honeymoon they came with us to Tirana where I played on a party during the biennale. After this we went down to Dhermi in South Albania on bumby roads with lots of Mercedesbenz and donkeys, crossed a big mountian and finally came to a huge lonley beach called drymadhes with lots of little bunkers looking like UFOs. There was no people at all, but a restaurant and a soundsystem. It was a magic place.We were 10 people from prishtina/Urban FM, later some more people from the biennale showed up.. We did music on the soundsystem, and chill out. One afternoon we made a film ,later called The fanatic . Also one evening there was a problem with a guy who was freaking out, because he decided to leave his pills on the shelf for one day …The last night we did music with acoustic ,electric guitar, drum and flute at the fireplace and recorded it on a videocamera. Back in Prishtina Casey and me did some more jamsessions with a Adorelle ,a cello player from Albania staying in the Violet House.

End of Oktober Orest ,me and Nepomuk went on a one week trip thru bosnia back to Frankfurt. On this trip I made pictures of the tunnels on the album layout.
In November I started to get into the album production again. I still was under the magic of acoustic jamsessions and Drymadhes beach so I decided to let them get part of the album and put them in between the produced tracks.
Because of his own album production Steve had had no time to go on with the mixes of my tracks so.We still had to do a lot but I only could go/work there for some hours a week. Sometimes I took Nepomuk with me, sometimes he stayed with Orest and I had to leave them pumped milk and I also forgot mothers milk in Steves fridges… Finally November and Dezember we finished mixing. Orest,me and Nepomuk found a room again in the communities on Frankfurter Berg,but only for three month till march. This was my personal deadline to be finished latest with the production. After a break of one month for christmas and new years I tried to get some feedback&critics. I did some final recordings&changes, laughing, voices, guitars on sisterorganisation and volunteer,vibrator on tiffany and I shortened some tracks. I decided to do the release as Crossing Bridges Label, in cooperation with an old friend/playgroundmember Quintus who just had left EFA to start his own business as promoter. I also started to work on the layout in February together with Nadine from the Dutifull Daughters. I had collected so many pictures and stories that it was hard get them together for a 12 pages booklet.

We finished mixing in February, beginning March I gave the album to Marc from Kopffuss Resonator for mastering, because we couldn’t listen to it any more.I was thinking, it s good, if somebody with fresh ears is listening to it. I left the layout and cd production in Nadines and Quintus responsibility and we escaped the winter in south italy in the van. It was a nice trip together with my sister, we also visited Scott in Napoli where he is working on the playground circus project.

At this time when I finally stepped out of the production, it got obvious that the whole acidrocknrollstories had their own timing.
I had stressed myself lots with deadlines and some releaseparties beginning of april.
But the lay-out still was lots of work and Nadines didn’t knew the thing with the 3 mm, and then the gema also made some stress. So I played in Dresden and Berlin without CDs. Mannheim was cancelled because its forbidden to dance at good Friday and police checked the clubs. When I visited Quintus in Hamburg the CDs still werent there, but finally:
on morning of Friday 23th the Acid RocknRoll Stories arrived, right in time for the Releaseparty at night in Frankfurt with lots of good old friends of the playground collective who havent met since a long time..

  special thanx to Steve Dragon!