Stories of a dutiful daughter for the planet crew
taken from memories and some mails to the e-vibes and the muschipowercollective:


“ ` Woman of Goa your time has come to rock the world!´
I found this message and took a picture of this notice board,
standing larger than life at the street near Panjim --
advertisement for a girl-dj workshop.
I will watch out! I also found an interesting NGO of an
English woman who cares about homeless children by
giving them a home and education and about women who
get beaten and raped by their men. They want to reopen
the Women´s House in Anjuna. I want to get more
information about this for a making an e-vibes benefit party..!”

Women of Goa

“I´m having a nice time here in Goa…. I came on the
airplane from Frankfurt to Bombay in the middle of the
night with two Grooveboxes 303 and a lot of other stuff.
The taxi, that took me away from the airport, brought
me to a hotel somewhere else, and they
gave me Room 303. The next day I checked out some
streets of Bombay -- which is like an anthill, it´s
unbelievable. Later that day I started a mad bus ride
and after 14 hours I came to paradise ……
I came to Goa because Mani, my drummer, has been coming here every winter for a long time,
and later Raviv, my big brother, booked
a flight towards here. (Maybe he cannot let his
little sister travel alone to the East, maybe he
does not know how to survive without her in Germany.)
So I have two connections here: the Israelian
party crowd and the krautrockers from Munich and

1. about a dutiful daughter
I stayed in Goa for almost six weeks making holidays and music with Mani Neumeier and Raviv. I had decided to go there, because I´m not experienced in travelling outside of Europe at all, and I didn´t want to travel alone to a country where I didn´t know anybody. I play most of my gigs at so called Goa parties and I had done research about doing psytrance music at
University, so why not go there and find out about the roots…?

“It´s funny, that we always talk about Goa and we use
the word for our music and our parties but a lot of us
never have been here. There´s a difference in being here
or just talking about it and having an opinion about
it. It’s different -- to see it, to taste it, to feel it...!”
When I was 16, I had the dream of travelling around the world with my guitar and driving a bike. These dreams had to wait more than
ten years to be experienced.
First I had to finish university, get a diploma,
and make peace with my family by becoming “something real”.
Now the time has come to live my dreams
by travelling, making music and
driving with Raviv and Diana on a big Ensfield
over the hills of Anjuna and Vagator.”

The first weeks are documented by some euphoric letters about Paradise (City) where the palms are green and the boys are pretty. I wrote e-vibes to my psychedelic sisterhood at mushroom and to the Muschipower Collective in Frankfurt. Wolfgang Sterneck asked me to be a little more critical in my reports and research, but at that time I was not able to be: I was on holidays and just wanted to have fun, I didn´t want to reflect about sex, crime, or the politics of party business. I never had seen palms before, these kind of beaches, cows on the streets and dancing ravers in between. I met lots of nice, tough and crazy girls from everywhere and we were were making plans for a Goa girl group just for fun. The scene around Anjuna and Vagator reminded me of Fantasy Land in the fairytale Pinoccio, where the people want to stay young forever and have fun; and if they´re not nice, their ears grow long and they get sold as donkeys. Maybe the whole Goa-business is just a story between naked white women and dark Indian men on the beach, or a story of Western war-sickness, of a crazy crowd of Israelis with traumatic Holocaust and war experiences....Or a story of tired rock-n-rollers on eso-trips and doing spiritual research, who kick the asses of the lazy white ladies at the beach, and they start to move, breathe, dance and freak out. Maybe Goa is a modern sanatorium, or just a place to hide from the dark realities of the places where we come from.
During my trip I´ve met a lot of good musicians and DJs out of different scenes/countries, who´ve come here to relax and get inspired for their shows and playing music during the summer season in Europe or elsewhere. For me Goa was still an inspiration, like a paradise, an ideal place for our dream of a playground village, making music, fireshows and teaching children from the street (as we did in Korsovo and Macedonia)…finding a place to live together (at least in wintertime) and having nice beaches for our children. I fell in love with the idea of squating a beautiful empty little castle at the southern end of Anjuna Beach. Maybe it’s time that the Frankfurt squat-scene should go global.

2. About Israelis
As I knew before, there are a lot of Israelis here, but I didn´t know that the Indians also talk Israelian, that the menus and the food in the restaurants are Israelian, and some good lovers also are Israelian. Goa seemed to me like their new colony: the youth is running away from the wars in Israel, longing for another Promised Land, and found it on the paradise of Goa. Their image isn´t the best here, but I cannot complain, I have also met a lot of nice people from Israel.
“..I don t like all these prejudices like the
Indians are like this and the Israelis are like
that.... Maybe there are some truths to these clichés,
like these Israelian cowboys who come on with big balls(dicken eiern),
always in troops, arrogant, very loud, stressy,
chillum im anschlag, hoppla jetzt komme ich..
But I don’t know, if it´s making it better to talk about them
instead of confronting them directly with this image.
There are so many funny and strange impressions and images, with the
the land, people and the international crowd.
Raviv is always wondering how I can ask the people so many questions
all the time. But I just say, `Who does not ask stays stupid!´”

3. about tourists
There are a lot of strange tourists and stupid ravers, lots of rubbish in the streets and at the Banja Tree; lots of chaishops on the beaches, but no toilets. A lot of new houses and some hotels in Baga have been built during the last ten years. The sea in Anjuna and Vagator has not been really clean most of the time. After the elections took place, the beach turned from white into black, from algae and seaweed….But maybe this is normal.
Wolfgang asked me if it isn’t strange -- parties in the midst of so many poor people, but they seem to like it: they come for the parties, to live from them. This season was a financial disaster for many (Goa)-Indians, as there were not so many tourists because of the war actions with Pakistan.
Other people liked the season, they said it was the best one in years because there were not so many tourists. There are a lot of Indians who come to Goa during the season to earn some money by selling fruits, clothes, or jewellery, giving massages, or just begging. All the time you meet little girls, who want to sell you something.
And there is an interesting exchange in another direction: you meet Indian men, who come there to look for naked European women and want to take pictures with you to play the big herowiththewhitelady when they come home again. You also meet a lot of rich Indian men, who have houses in Goa and are looking for a white girlfriend. I´ve met one who told me he knows a club to play in in Baga, and he also praised himself as good businessmen and husband and also told me that God had given him a “big present”. Diana met one who wanted to show her some very special tricks from the Kamasutra, that are really important to know. Very nice!

4. about parties

Have you heard: In the Indian newspaper they
wrote that Bin Laden has been seen in Goa. They had
to close a bankers congress because somebody had
seen him around the building .
By the way we also met him at party in Vagator, --
he came as an Acid-Trip.

Instead of regarding acid parties as a cultural good in Goa and finding ways to share the organization and profit for the benefit of the whole community, there are a lot of fights going on. Officially parties are forbidden in Goa, but most of the people there are living from parties and party tourism. There are some open-air places like Ninebar who are allowed to have psytrance-discos that run till 22 o´clock. There were a lot of parties in December and not many problems with the police, but in January there were the elections. So there was just one small party when I came at new moon weekend. I liked it, as it was my first one in Goa and I found the time to party again like I partyed some years ago in Germany. I felt free of obligations and I enjoyed dancing under the palms and watching the cosmopolitan people. It reminded me of Walt Disney´s “ Jungle Book”, my first cinema experience together with my grandmother. There were a lot of Moglies who asked me to come behind the bushes, but I preferred to stay with my big brother. But then he felt sick and left me to go to sleep and I made a new experience….

“..some things little sister has to find out alone…
for example if you want to find out about the secrets
of how to party in Anjuna (and some more things),
you should forget about your big brother
and go home with a nice Dj!
And there are more benefits in being a lonely lady:
I also got in contact with a wonderful mermaid on the beach
who had connections to the paradise:
Paradiso, an open-air club at the beach of Anjuna,
where Mani and I were invited to play
as they are looking for a new sound.”

I had heard a lot of rumors about the party scene in Goa: it´s all Mafia… .But what is the Mafia exactly? As Mani and I planned to play some live-acts, I had to find out about it and I got in contact with some of the party and club organizers in Anjuna and Vagator. There seem to be a lot of DJs who always look for some place to play, and different groups and places who make the parties happen. It looks like the organizing groups are busier working against each other then organizing themselves and trying to improve the whole situation. There doesn’t seem to be a lobby that is working on the image of the acid parties in general, to make them legal again. But it also seems like there are individuals who make a lot of profit out of their connections and are not interested in changing the situation at all.
I also heard a story that a lot of Indians want to become policemen in Goa, because you get rich. For getting a place to party you don’t have to pay rent like in Germany, you have to pay bakshish to the police and politicians. This is the rent. It´s an open secret, everybody knows about it. When the money is not enough, there is no party or the police come during the party and you have to pay more. Sometimes policemen come from different stations and cities to get their money, sometimes they stop a party, because they got more bakshish from different party organizers. It all does not sound nice, and sometimes it´s better, if the girl stays stupid and doesn´t ask too many questions, but starts to think for herself.
5. about a gig in Palolim (Section #2)
When I arrived in Candolim, I just did holidays and one funny blues sessions with Mani´s friends at Harry´s and Christina´s house in Candolim. When Mani arrived we started to check out equipment for the live-acts and talked about the future. Mani and I had only met at parties and festivals and two times for production on the the modernfairytales album. So it was quite interesting to meet him and his friends outside of the music flow and party/festival chaos.
It was nice to hear the old stories about Jimmy Hendrix in Munich, Uschi Obermeier und Krautrock. When I´d had enough stories about the old times, I went to Anjuna, to meet big brother Raviv and make a party!

On the second weekend we should play near Palolim. Some friends helped me to borrow a midi cable, that I had forgotten at home and Harry lent me his old Gibson guitar. We rented a taxi and met Mani´s Guruguru family: Butze, Reiner, Gerald and their wives, children, and friends, etc. who stayed there making workshops and concerts with the 86-year-old temple drummer, Paramashivam, and an African drum master. Very wunderbar!
The idea was to give a concert at Baktirkutir that was a fusion between these temple and tribal musicians and electronic music. It was quite a special gig, beginning with acoustic music and ending with a big jam session. There were a lot of great moments but sometimes also some bad ones, because it was the first time the drummers played electronic music and unfortunately the Indian technicians had taken away the monitors. I also played some firechains, which was a lot of fun. It was at this concert that we met Diana, the dutch girl, who later came with us to Anjuna because she wanted to buy a motorbike to drive through India. We stayed around four days at the lonely beach of Padnem with the Guruguru clan and then drove back to Anjuna.

6. Staying at the Hilton…
Back in Anjuna Diana fell in love with a big beautiful Ensfield motorbike. She bought it and she named it “Princess”. We stayed at the Hilton, quite a normal guest house, where we met Sally and Andrea, two crazy girls from the London club scene, who were very involved in Yoga and healing. Altogether we had a great party at the Banja Tree and nice times on the beach….

“…looking back to the Hilton days I can say that after the first two weeks I had already done most of the sins you can do or never should do
in India or Goa as a dutiful daughter who is politically correct: taking forbidden liquid substances, swimming naked, making sex on the beach, buying stuff on the market that I didn´t need but it was very cheap, bringing in musical instruments that make bumm bumm bumm and ruin the techno-clean image of the first-generation hippies that try to live in a peaceful way with the Goa-Indians in Candolim. But in Germany we say: ist
der ruf erst ruiniert lebt es sich ganz ungeniert. (Once your reputation is ruined, you’re free to do what you want.)
I feel like having the right to relax and to feel free on my holidays.
To get rid of all this bullshit that I had to learn in my life and that has nothing to do with me, free of thinking, free of fear and all this. So I came to India, and to Goa, as many people before me, and I do
the same bullshit, and I will not be the last one,
and I feel completely okay with it. I even started to
read “Osho”. (I shouldn´t tell this to anybody in Frankfurt,
they will crucify me at the next “plenum” for being esoteric.”

7. tempelfest
During the third week we should play in Hampi. We had a very dedicated promoter, Roger, who later also made great lightshows at the nitebazar gigs. We were to play for an Indian guy called Bobby who owns a natural resort in Hampi, and had invited 50 people to an island to have a private party at full moon. We came there by sharing the rent of a Jeep with some freaks, friends of Roger´s. We stayed one night at Padnem Beach, where we had been one week before. We left early the next morning and came to Hampi in the late afternoon after a wild drive. We arrived on a wonderful lonely island full of rocks where we should rock. There was a magic view all over this natural resort and you could also see the temples. We lived at a crazy guest house among those rocks, and had a nice Nepali kitchen crew cooking just for us and Indian porters who helped with carrying the equipment over the rivers and little bamboo bridges. We waited for the crowd from Vagator, that should come with a big bus, which never arrived. I slept at night outside under the full moon among mosquitos and had a strange dream about snakes. On Sunday we went to Hampi Village, to take the round ships over the river and take a look at the temples. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Hampi: to see some real temples, as I had produced a track called templefest. I found interesting impressions of snakes and women with snake tails instead of legs on some old stone plaques on the wall of the big temple. We also met the elephant in the big temple; it´s a good friend of Jennie´s daughter´s and we made a picture for her. Mani and I bought a lot of stuff from one shop in front of the temple, statues, bells,etc.…and made a lot of pictures in the temple that we might use for our next album. Unfortunately, I had no time to go to the music and dance temple, so I really would like to come back…. We heard that it also has become very expensive to take a look inside of the temples. There is a new minister for cultural things and now the Western people have to pay a lot for getting all that inspiration.
We went back to our party places and found Raviv and Diana ,who had arrived from Goa with Princess, the Ensfield. When the moon came up, we started with the sound check. As it got more and more clear that the bus from Vagator would not arrive any more, we invited some guests from Hampi. We had only half of the sound equipment, but enough to play, and we wanted to play because the place was wonderful. Raviv had to dj with two mobile CD players, one on the side of a cassette recorder and one a CD Walkman. He got used to it quite well and I also got used to playing on half of my live-act equipment. I played like I had played two years ago, as it was too much to carry more through half of India. But it was okay, the place was nice and people were dancing, Bobby was filming, and Raviv was playing for some hours. The electricity stopped at six o clock. Raviv and I were happy to go to sleep after a long day and the guests vanished into the dark.
The next day Diana and I went swimming and relaxed in this wonderful Natural Park. In the evening some of us went up the hill, by climbing through a big cave under the big rocks. The view of the sunset from the top of the hill was magic. Red sky all over Hampi. We had been flying and made some wonderful pictures. We had an invitation from Bobby to come to his castle where we felt like in a fairytale movie and got a hot Indian dinner. Unfortunately Bobby had no time to be with us, as he was busy with a lot of rich Indian guests making holidays at his Natural Park. When we came back, Mani and I had some jam-sessions. And we saved Roger from one of those big rocks.
On Tuesday we had to leave and it was a hard day for everybody. Some of us had been sick from the food or something else. I was busy thinking about how to puke or better how not to when we had a flat with the jeep in the heat of high noon. Later Roger got sick from the wind in the car. We somehow managed to get to Padnem Beach .
The next day we made a stop on the street near Panjim at the big notice board where there was written: “ Woman of Goa your time has come to rock the world”. We found out that it was an old announcement for a female-DJ workshop. Roger bought a newspaper and we found an article on the front, about a full moon party. There had been a 17-hour rave going on near the police station and they didn’t stop it. This was the reason why there had been no bigger parties for almost two weeks.

8. staying at mermaid guest house
Diana and I found a nice place to stay at the mermaid´s guest house directly at the sea. The family was very nice and helped us a lot with printing flyers and storing musical instruments, and we also had a nice kitchen crew. We found out that it was also the family of Dominique´s who was involved in the place with no name, where I wanted to play at sunset. There we also met Eugen, a friend of Sally´s and Andrea´s, who is a climber. The London girls moved from the Hilton to the Neighbour House Sonics, so we all stayed together in one place and had a nice time together during the rest of my holidays. On Thursday, Raviv was supposed to play at the Ninebar, but the CD player didn´t come at the right time, so Romeo, a guy from Bombay, took over and later he didn´t want to stop playing anymore, as there were already some girls around him, pushing him. Some people started to complain about “those arrogant Israelian djs” which in this case was a Bombay Indian, who just behaved like a cowboy to impress some girls. I loved Raviv for staying relaxed and making jokes. The Pizza-selling- booking man, who felt sorry for us, gave us another date to play all together.
The next week Diana and I were very sick and had high fevers. We could not eat anything, just lay on the bed or sit on the toilet. The mermaids at our guest house were nice nurses and made some boiled potatoes for us. It was the only thing we could eat. When it got better, I visited Roger in Morjim and another crazy guy who connected me to a chi machine, which felt really interesting and I forgot about my sickness. So I could go on making flyers for our gigs and prepare the technical stuff for the last week when I was to play five gigs, some with Mani, some solo. We had also been hanging around a lot in the German bakery with Nicole and Birgit from Frankfurt, eating avocado salad and discussing about the attraction between some sweet Israelian guys and German women on holidays.
Sometime during this week I visited two houses of elahaddai , an organisation founded by an English woman, who wanted to give a home and some education to street children. A lot of volunteers from Europe are working there without pay during their Indian holidays. I wanted to take a look at it because I had the crazy idea of making an e-vibes benefit party in Goa .

9. About an apparition at Ingo´s nitebazaar
Our first gig took place at a Saturday nitebazaar with a lot of people involved and Indian people freaking out. The concert started with Paramashivam on the tavil, then we played altogether as a live-act. The London girls gave a dance performance on stage and also there was a apparition…

“ (…)while we were playing, somebody came
on stage, incognito with a mask, and was playing flute and singing
in this crazy Indian tabla language. I really felt in
love to play guitar and groove to what he was
doing... I´ve got a cloth with Krishna from a school
friend who went to India after school. While I could not get
away to travel, I was living with this Krishna over my bed
in my room for the last 10 years. Before I came here, I took him down and put him in a box when I gave up my room at our community in Frankfurt.
Now he had come back, straight on stage to play with
us at the Saturday night market. So I really felt
welcome in India...!”

Krishna was also called Remo, and everybody later told me that he is a famous Indian musician, who grew up and is still living in Goa. He had started doing music with Nafi from Baga and the Goa Family Band 30 years ago, which also played a reunion gig that night.
The whole thing turned out to be a nice party…During the sessions the people came closer to the stage and then onto the stage to dance. There were a lot of Indian guys looking at me like they had never seen a woman making music. But they could not help me when I broke a guitar string during the lady´s stick solo…The sound got worse at the end of the gig because on stage we couldn´t see and communicate anymore with the mixer because of too many people dancing. The shop owners later were complaining that they did no business anymore at that evening, because everybody was at the stage and partying. But Ingo was happy, and many other people, including me, too.

(Section #3)

10. about Photo shooting and recording sessions for a Goa girl group
After the first nitebazaar gig we all went back to Anjuna. I wanted to persuade the girls to go to a party ship to Panjim but they all wanted to stay. So we hung around at the hammock under the palms in front of the mermaid´s guest house. The hammock was our place to relax and have sweet dreams. If we went out, some girls from the next shop took care of it.
After sunrise we started to make a recording session and crazy photo session with the girls who opened their shop. I was quite inspired by the woman of Goa will rock the world picture at the street in Panjim, and I had some ideas about producing a song about the busy shop girls on the beach. We asked them to tell us what they tell the tourists everyday. So they started a rap, telling us all the slogans and questions, that drive you crazy if you just want to sit at the beach and relax. Wir haben uns echt totgelacht. (We died laughing.) They also were singing some nice songs from an Indian movie . We did a shooting session for the cover. For all this we paid them a lot rupies.
I also had a funny acid rock-n-roll photo session with Diana, for a postcard for mama that should represent some typical holiday feelings and clichés. Main theme was Harry´s old Gibson, the hammock and the palms in the sun glasses. At that time the first male Indian tourists showed up and gathered around us, to watch. This inspired me to take pictures about the theme “how to found an existence in Goa” referring to the busy “doyouwannaseemyshop –Imakeyouzverygoodprice” girls: Diana in underwear on her bed under the window to the street, and I gave to her the guitar, big sunglasses, and the ladies stick. It was very funny. Later we were thinking of going to the German bakery and finding that German guy who had lent me a midicable and had a laptop, as we were keen on starting to produce our first track as a Goa girl group, but we couldn´t find him there, so we went to the beach.

11. about an invitation and roadies who fall in love
Monday morning we got up early, at 7 o´clock to look for a hilltop party, but it had been shut down by the police and there was only a small afterhour going on at a shag on Vagator Beach. We planned to go to Carneval in Arambol. When I wanted to make a picture from the Banja Tree, I met some guys setting up a soundsystem .… I talked to a guy called Pramut about what´s going on, and he invited me to open the party with a live–act when the people came from the Ninebar. I told Diana that I should play under the Banja Tree, and she promised to be my roadie that evening and to transport the instruments with her big Ensfield . But the Ensfiled wouldn´t start, so we put all the stuff on my rollerbike , which really looked funny. When I came to the Banja Tree it was dark: just some candles and gaslights of a lot of Chai-mamas, but there were no technicians and no mixer, no electricity, just big speakers around the tree, some closed cases and a table. The Ninebar closed and the people left on motorbikes with lots of noise. I started to drink Goan Honeybear Rum and waited for my roadie, who finally came with a taxi. There were some rumors about the police showing up , but nothing happened. Some friends and Germans showed up. It was nice to have some people to talk to and we waited together in the dark. Around half past ten, a guy called Baba came and helped to set up the sound, while a lot of Indian boys of all ages were standing around us, wondering and asking questions. I played without monitor but with three towers of speakers that were standing 20 meters away. More and more people showed up and started dancing and I tried to play slide with the Honeybear Rum bottle as I had forgot the ladies stick at home. I started with ambience and downtempo loops and slowly built it up. I played almost three hours, as there were no DJs around. Then a DJ from Italy showed up and installed the Dat Players.
When I stopped, my roadie had fallen in love with an Israelian guy. So I had to pack and bring my equipment home alone, but it was okay, as I knew: she needed it/him urgently!
Raviv, my big brother, and I stayed all night and morning at the party and had a lot of fun. Also Birgit, Nicole and their friends and Harald from the garden in Bad Homburg showed up. I let some begging girls play flouro chains before I gave them some rupies. In the morning I met this strange guy from New York who always told me he was making a reportage about musicians in Goa but I think he only wanted to kiss me. I was too tired for talking or kissing, and just went to see Toshi at Pocolocos and to talk about when to be in Paradiso for sound check. He told me he didn’t know about that his partner(a young, rich Indian) and Mani had confirmed to play there on Tuesday. So I forgot about the whole thing of playing in paradise, and was happy to have a relaxed day, looking forward to some sleep and avocado salad in the German bakery. I loved this avocado salad with cheese and tomatoes, but unfortunately during the last week of my holidays, there were no more avocados left in Goa.

12.the last days
Wednesday morning I drove to Nafi in Baga to get a mixer and to Pramut and Baba who lent microphones and cables to me, because we wanted to play at the Ninebar. I also visited the hippie market in Anjuna and I bought a lot of stuff as it was my last Wednesday. The first market had made me paranoid and gave me a headache -- I couldn’t get rid of the guys selling drums. Later I became quite good in the art of oriental dealing. Not so good as my big Israelian brother, but I´m one of these dutiful German daughters, who always pays more ….But its okay. This is karma.

The Ninebar gig was an experiment because usually they only play strictly Psytrance and DJ music there. We had to make the mix ourselves and had to play in front of the speakers as there was no monitor. This was a handicap for the dancers and maybe a reason why the sound outside was not so perfect, but Mani and I had fun playing as it was sunset and a nice place and nice interesting people. Raviv said, there were some psytrance hardliners who were complaining, that it was something different, but this was the reason for me to play there. And I´ve met many people who liked it because it was different than the normal DJ music.
Later Raviv was dj-ing for two hours and we were all dancing. He was a lot better then most of the other DJs playing there and I was really proud of my big brother.

On Thursday, I had to bring back all the equipment. Then I had a relaxed day on the beach and at sunset we set up the music at the place with no name. Baba and some other guys helped with this. Nafi showed up with his fire-girlfriend for a while, and Mani came and played some percussion, but soon they all left. Later the London girls, Diana and Eugen arrived in their best party moods. There had been some English guys filming the whole gig, and I let them play some guitar. One didgeridoo player also joined the session. More and more people showed up, started dancing and making fire on the beach and there was a shiva moon in the sky over the sea. There also were a lot of mosquitos, which ate me for dinner. I played three hours till I really got hungry and dizzy. I enjoyed playing in this nice relaxed place, with this nice view, and I enjoyed playing solo, as I could play a lot of new or old forgotten loops that I cannot play when I play on party-dancefloors on a party or acid rock-n-roll with Mani. We hung around at the shag, listening to the modern fairytales and the sea almost came inside the chaishop. Meanwhile a soundsystem on the next hill at the little temple was set up for an acid party and they started the sound around twelve o´clock. We decided to go to rest up and come back at sunrise. When we came back to the party at sunrise I didn’t like the music, but I met some nice English people who showed me some tricks with the chains. At 8 o´clock the police finally took over and finished the whole thing. So we went on the beach to make pictures and recording sessions with some shop girls and Susie, the coconut-woman.
On Friday evening I drove to Candolim to get my records from Harry´s place, which I wanted to give to some people in Anjuna. Harry was upset that I had promised one of the records to Pramut and Baba as he had had a lot of trouble with them when he was organizing a party on the Vagator Beach some years ago. How should I know that there are some strange stories about the men who invited me to play at the Banja Tree?
On Saturday we got up early and did Yoga on the beach with Andrea, Sally, Eugen and guy from Prag. Andrea also did some healing with me, some special techniques like Reiki, which was really good for me because I have some problems with my spine.

In the afternoon I wanted to visit Goa Gil to give a Muschipower Record to him. I found the house and met Arielle, a young woman, who went to the internet place to tell him. When they came back we sat in front of the house on the veranda. He was showing to me the first international issue of the mushroom magazine and read some parts about the first parties in Goa in the beginning of the eighties and about himself. He didn’t take the record as he has no record player, but he invited me to come to the house and we sat at the fireplace with Arielle and some nice friends and looked at pictures from a saddu meeting. Just like Harry, he was also upset when he heard that I had been involved with Pramut and Baba.
For sunset we went to a big tree growing out of the neighbour´s house, and there was a stone plaque like I´d seen in Hampi with a snake on it. Arielle played some nice African drums for us and one guy was dancing and we watched the sun going down.
Then I had to leave, as I had a date to make some goodbye photos with the girls on Princess and I should also play again at the Saturday nitebazaar .

That night at the market a great fashion show was going on and a lot of people from Anjuna and the German bakery had been involved. It was very nice, unfortunately I missed the Indian who yodelled! Later on, Mani and I and a lot of fireartists played together for a very nice show, but just for one hour, then they turned off the electricity, as it was already late. We didn’t sleep that night, but went dancing at the Paradiso till 3 o´clock, and then hung around in our hammock at the sea. I couldn’t imagine to go back to Germany….In the morning we went to the beach where we met some friends from Ljubljana at a fire playing great sad Bosnian songs. I love this since I´d been on holidays in Jugoslavia as a child and Andrea recorded a lot of it on minidisk. At 7 o´clock in the morning I came back and had to pack my stuff. I forgot a lot of things as I was tired and mixed up. We did some good bye pictures with Diana, Sally, Andrea, Eugen, and our nice kitchen crew. Big brother and I took a taxi to the station to catch the night train to Bombay. Raviv got sick again and the toilets at the airport and on the airplane became his good friends. After 9.5 hours we arrived at the Frankfurt airport where I was happy to meet my nice brother Psylofant-Stefan who was waiting for us with the car.
Now I´m sitting here in cold Germany again and sometimes it all seems like a dream to me.
The whole India experience feels like a sweet secret and there is an inner voice telling me to come back next year.

“ ..I would very much love to come back next year and the
Indians also asked me to stay
here to make music at some more parties or to come back. Raviv would also like to stay and to play.
Tomorrow we have to say goodbye and I´m quite sad.
At least we had some nice parties, some very nice
gigs, and we took a lot of crazy pictures with the girls
from London and Holland, and Sissy Perlinger, and the shop girls....
I recorded a lot of these women and girls at the beach
and would like to make a woman of Goa song out of it.”

“There was one big dream I also have to tell you at the
end: I couldn´t stop thinking about the idea of making an
e-vibes party here next year . If I can manage, to
come with my equipment from Frankfurt to Goa via
Bombay, maybe some of you also know how to do it
and like the idea of making holidays and music here and
teaching the women of Goa how to rock the world.”